25 April 2013

University Roles in Science, Innovation and HQP in the Canadian Agri-food System

Presentation to Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Ministers

by the Association of[...]

11 January 2013

Science-Metrix was commissioned by the Canadian Faculties of Agricukture and Veterinay Medicine (CFAVM) to provide bibliometric data in order to gain in general overview of[...]

06 March 2012

As the bioeconomy expands, decision-makers need up-to-date knowledge to develop strategies and manage this growth.

Environmental scientists, policy experts and scientific[...]

12 October 2011

Linking Agriculture, Food and Wellness for the Benefit of Canadians [PDF]

11 July 2011

Daniel Fitzgerald will head out to Alberta's fields and farms this spring to get a handle on tick populations in the province and whether they pose a health threat to humans[...]

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