25 April 2013

Presentation to Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Ministers

University Roles in Science, Innovation and HQP in the Canadian Agri-food System

Presentation to Federal-Provincial-Territorial Deputy Ministers

by the Association of Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

23 April 2013


Powerpoint File


Back row (l to r):

  • Michael Trevan, University of Manitoba
  • Mary Buhr, University of Saskatchewan, Agriculture
  • Michel Carrier, University of Montreal
  • Harold Cook, Dalhousie University
  • Suzanne Vinet, Deputy Minister, AAFC
  • Chandra Madramootoo, McGill University
  • Beverley Hale, University of Guelph, OAC
  • Gwen Chapman, University of British Columbia
  • Mary Komarynsky, Executive Vice-President, CFIA
  • Bernard Verret, Assistant Deputy Minister, MAPAQ, Quebec

Front row seated (l to r)

  • John Kennelly, University of Alberta
  • Douglas Hedley, Executive Director, ACFAVM
  • Rosalind Penfound, Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia
  • Deb Stark, Deputy Minister, OMAFRA, Ontario
  • Robert Rioux, Deputy Minister, New Brunswick
  • Alanna Koch, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan
  • Siddika Mithani, Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Technology, AAFC
  • Martine Dubuc, Vice-President, Science, CFIA
  • Mike Lesiuk, Acting Deputy Minister, Manitoba


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