University of Alberta - Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

2-14 Agriculture-Forestry Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, CANADA, T6G 2P5
Ph: (780) 492-4931
Fx: (780) 492-0097


This Faculty focuses on four major areas of discovery and learning: 1) enhancing global food systems; 2) building the bio-products industry; 3) healthy human environments; and 4) sustainable land, forest and water management. Our Bachelor of Science graduates join the ranks of professionals who are finding creative ways to solve real-world problems. They take pride in knowing that without they and their colleagues - professional agrologists, professional food scientists, registered dietitians, professional foresters, professional biologists, and professional human ecologists - we would all be naked, thirsty, hungry and homeless. 

Departments include:

  • Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science
  • Human Ecology
  • Renewable Resources
  • Rural Economy

Dean :
Dr. Stanford Blade

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