University of Alberta

Bachelor of Science Programs

Bachelor of Arts Programs

Graduate studies

  • Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (MAg, MEng, MSc, PhD)
    • Animal Science
    • Bioresource and Food Engineering
    • Food Science and Technology
    • Nutrition and Metabolism
    • Plant Biosystems
    • Rangeland and Wildlife Resources
  • Human Ecology (MA, MSc, PhD)
    • Aging
    • Children, Youth and Families
    • Material Culture
    • Textile and Apparel Science
  • Renewable Resources (MAg, MBA-MAg, MBA-MF, MF, MSc, PhD)
    • Biodiversity Conservation
    • Enhanced Forest Management
    • Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture
    • Land Reclamation, Remediation, and Restoration
    • Soil Science
  • Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology (MAg, MBA-MAg, MSc, PhD)
    • Agricultural/Food Markets and Policy
    • Agricultural Production Economics and Agribusiness Management
    • Community, Social, and Economic Development
    • Consumer Behaviour: Health, Nutrition, and Food
    • Environmental, Resource, and Forest Economics
    • International Development and Trade
    • Rural, Resource, and Environmental Sociology