McGill University


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - BSc (AgEnvSc)

Bachelor of Engineering in Bioresource Engineering ? BEng (Bioresource)

Bachelor of Science in Food Science - BSc (FSc)

Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences - BSc (NutrSc)


Bioresource Engineering: Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering

Food Science: Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Dietetics: School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Nutrition: School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition: Concurrent B.Sc. (F.Sc.) and B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.)

B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.) Majors:

Agricultural Economics: Department of Agricultural Economics

Agroenvironmental Sciences

Environmental Biology: Natural Resource Sciences

Environment: McGill School of Environment

International Agriculture and Food Systems

Life Sciences (Biological and Agricultural)

B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.) Specializations:

Agri-Business Specialization

Agriculture and Food Systems (Multidisciplinary)

Animal Biology: Department of Animal Science

Animal Health and Disease

Animal Production

Applied Ecosystem Sciences

Ecological agriculture


Environmental Biology: Natural Resource Sciences

Environmental Economics

Health and Nutrition

International Agriculture

Life Sciences (Multidisciplinary)

Microbiology and Molecular Biotechnology

Plant Biology

Plant Production

Professional Agrology

Soil and Water Resources

Wildlife Biology

Graduate programs

Agricultural Economics (M.Sc.)

Animal Science (M.Sc., M.Sc.(A), Ph.)

Bioinformatics, Graduate Certificate

Bioresource Engineering
(M.Sc., M.Sc.(A), Ph.D)

Biotechnology Graduate Programs

Dietetics and Human Nutrition (M.Sc., M.Sc.(A), Ph.)

Entomology (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Environmental Assessment (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Forest Science (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Integrated Water Resources Management, Graduate Certificate

Microbiology (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Micrometeorology (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Parasitology (M.Sc., Ph.)

Plant Science (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Registered Dietitian Credentialing, Graduate Diploma

Renewable Resources (includes Agrometeorology, Forest Science, Soil Science and Wildlife biology) (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Soil Science (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Wildlife Biology (M.Sc., Ph.D)