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The Association of Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is comprised of researchers, educators and scientists in thirteen faculties located in eleven of the most distinguished universities across Canada. The members have supported and guided agricultural and veterinary medicine for more than 125 years. 

The missions of the Faculties are to be :

  1. Canada's leading catalyst for the development and adoption of science and veterinary technology for the agricultural and food industry at home and abroad, and
  2. The primary sources for undergraduate and graduate education to serve the growing needs of the industry and governments.

The five schools serving veterinary medicine are:

  • Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, Université de Montréal
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
  • Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
  • Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

The eight faculties serving agriculture and food are:

  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan
  • Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation, Université Laval
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba
  • Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta
  • Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia
  • Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture
  • Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph

A non-profit corporation

The Association of Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is a non-profit corporation, created in 1991:

  1. To seek collaborative arrangements among members to strengthen Canadian capacity in academic research and teaching,
  2. To represent agriculture and veterinary medicine faculties to government agencies involved in research funding and research priorities, and
  3. To strengthen Canada's ties to other agriculture and veterinary medicine faculties around the world.
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